QA Testing. Simplified.

Whether you’re new to testing or a QA pro, Axcept provides a simple and intuitive way to build and execute UI tests.

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Fast. Automated. Cloud-based.

Write, run and review tests within your browser and harness Axcept’s cloud infrastructure for high speed execution.

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Easy to Build

Build your tests using simple, but powerful building blocks. No coding or programming required.

Live Preview

Preview and inspect while you build with the built-in Chrome Dev Tools and ensure your tests run seamlessly.

Fast Execution

Run hundreds of tests in a matter of seconds across multiple resolutions and languages.

Never Miss a Change

Use the screenshot wizard to detect, inspect and accept any changes or broken features.

Build as you always do

There’s no need to make any changes to your application or use a component library. If your app runs inside a browser - Axcept can test it.

Works well with every CI

No matter what your deployment pipeline looks like, Axcept will fit right in. Travis, Circle CI, Jenkins - you name it.

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It's free for individuals. Team plans start at $19 per month.

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