Test runner

The test runner overview and breakdown are accessible from the menu item named after the project in the navigation header.



The test runner overview allows you to view the history of reviews, completed, tests and tested environments.


Start test run

Use the Start Test Run to execute a new test runner for a particular environment. A popup will appear where you can optionally add an application version number and enable Javascript/CSS coverage. Press Start to execute.


Once the test runner completes, the status will be passed or failed. The result contains a combination of red and green badges highlighting failed and passed tests. Each test can have several targets such as resolutions, scripts and cookies. For more details about environments, please click here. If a test runner has failed a Review All button gets displayed.

🎉 Congratulations you have successfully started a test run 🎉

Review results

To review tests click on the Review All button in the test runner overview or breakdown header. In addition, you can click the Review button within test details.


Once you have clicked on one of the buttons, a wizard will open. If references are not matched the header will be marked as red. A draggable minimap gets displayed in the upper left corner. Move your mouse over the minimap to expand the screenshot and pan around it. By pressing the spacebar, you can toggle between previous and new references. By pressing accept the currently displayed image will be set as the new reference for that test step. If you want to can skip the screenshot or go back to a previous one with the Previous" or Next buttons.


Once all reviews are complete one can close the wizard.


🎉 Congratulations you have successfully reviewed the results 🎉